Bicycling is a fun way to lose unwanted weight! Even riding at a conversational pace burns calories!

Have you heard about the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans? It recommends 60 to 90 minutes of physical activity a day — the perfect interval for a healthy and fun ride!

Intense Cycles: True Passion!

Intense Cycles rule!

Intense passion. Intense drive. Intense Cycles! Every frame is handcrafted in California with the precision and excellence only true artisans can apply, and every mountain biker secretly craves. Stop by our shop soon and become one of the lucky riders enjoying an Intense bicycle!

Carry It With Yakima!

We've got a wide selection of Yakima racks for every bike and vehicle!

You have the toys and Yakima has the racks to get you to every ride in style. Whether you drive a truck, car, SUV, jeep or buggy we have a Yakima rack that'll carry all your gear safely, securely and stylishly. Stop by and talk to one of our Yakxperts, and we'll rack you up!

Get There By Bike!

Tri Sport's Tip of the Day

Bike Stolen? Get It Back! - If you're unlucky enough to have a bike stolen, don't assume it's gone for good. As long as you can identify the bike (you did record the serial number, didn't you?) and you're willing to do a little leg work, there's a chance of recovery. Immediately prepare a flyer with a photo and description of your bike. Include any details that make identification easier such as special accessories or markings on the bike. Post these flyers on telephone poles, on community bulletin boards, at colleges, by bus stops, in short, everywhere and anywhere. Also, hand them to all your friends and let us know as soon as possible so we can be on the alert, too (sometimes thieves think they can sell stolen bikes to bike shops and we're always on the lookout). It may seem hopeless, but you have a reasonable chance of getting the bike back if you act fast and don't give up. Good luck!


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